A pathway for SMEs to raise Venture Capital in Australia and the Pacific Region

For start-ups, early-stage, and established businesses.


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Closing the gap between the Corporate world and the Entrepreneurial world.

We provide a range of services that bridge the gap between the highly skilled professionals (accountants, lawyers, corporate advisers, bankers, brokers etc) and the entrepreneur who knows how to run their business but not much about the world of capital raising.

Our business is about helping SMEs use the same tactics as the big companies (whose shares are traded on a stock exchange) to raise capital when the Banks are playing hardball.

Will your venture be riding the next wave of innovation?

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Opportunities are everywhere!

If you think there are only limited opportunities out there, you only need remind yourself of this indisputable fact; there are people who have not yet been born who will one day make huge fortunes from their ideas. These people will start new businesses that no one else ever thought of.

Banks not lending to SME’s!

Small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) are an essential part of the economy, it’s where innovation, growth and job creation come from. However, SMEs are facing huge challenges in terms of funding. Lending has tightened, and businesses have seen their traditional source of funding dry up.

Innovation needs funding.

We all know how difficult it is to fund innovation. Austpac Ventures provides a pathway that overcomes some of that difficulty and it gives us great pleasure to see companies like yours roll out their unique business ideas.


What’s your BIG idea?

Wealth is created by solving problems. If you solve a million-dollar problem, it will make you and your investors millions!


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