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The founder, Anthony Puls, has had over 40-years experience in raising funds for SMEs and and holds a wealth of information on the subject. He is recognised as one of the founding fathers of crowdfunding globally. See: SME Bonds launched.

In 2013 he was invited to Washington by the Securities and Exchange Commission & FINRA to help with the development of crowdfunding regulations as part of President Obama’s Jobs Act initiative. See World Bank report – pages 18 & 46 where it references ASSOB as being the World’s most successful equity crowdfunding platform.

Anthony was founding Chairman of the Australian Small Scale Offerings Board Limited (ASSOB), one of the World’s first equity-based crowdfunding platforms which raised in excess of $150 million for over 300 start-ups and early stage businesses before retiring from that role in 2015. He has since advised the Australian Government on developing a legislative framework for equity-based crowdfunding. In 2016 he was granted a life member of the Crowdfunding Institute of Australia (CFIA).

Anthony Puls

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