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Frequently Asked Questions

#1. What is a Vendor?

Vendor is a general term used to describe the seller of a high-value asset such as a business, or a supplier of goods or services.


#2. What is a Vendor Bond?

A Vendor is a financial instrument that allows you to be your own bank by issuing a Vendor Bond to finance the purchaser.


#3. What is an SME Bond?

An SME Bond is a written promise, legally enforceable, to pay on demand, or on one or more specified dates, a specified sum.

#4. How do SME Bonds work?

SME Bonds have a face value, which is the amount you will get back at maturity as well as a coupon amount, which is the interest payable.


#5. What if my Bond certificate gets lost or destroyed?

Vendor Bonds keep a Bond register in the event it becomes destroyed, lost or stolen. Each issued Bond is encrypted to prevent counterfeiting.

#6. Can I issue more than one SME Bond?

Yes, an issue of a ‘series’ of SME Bonds provides a way for established businesses with strong cash flow to obtain debt finance without watering down the existing investors in the company.

#7. To view our Schedule of Fees CLICK HERE

Thinking of Selling your Business?

If selling a business or replicating your business in other geographic locations, you can reach a much wider buyer demographic
by offering Vendor finance. This allows a buyer to pay it off over time, making your business more affordable to more people.​

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