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Learn how to make extra income consulting to business, or raise funds for your own business or business idea!

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Bridge the gap between the lawyers, corporate advisers, bankers, and the entrepreneur who knows how to run their business but not much about the world of capital raising.

Build your Client Base

Independent Consultants help their SME clients use some of the same tactics the big companies use (whose shares are traded on a stock exchange), to raise capital when the banks are playing hardball.

We make raising Debt or Equity funding simple and easy

Issue Debt Securities to Raise Finance

An issue of SME Bonds is a way for established businesses with strong cash flow to obtain debt finance. Issuing a series of SME Bonds provides a way to fund the Company without watering down its existing shareholders. Bond investors receive regular interest payments until the end of the bond term and receive their initial investment back at the maturity date.

A company or small business can issue a ‘series’ of SME Bonds, to raise debt funding for business development or expansion, or for any other worthwhile purpose! The business issuing these might call them, ‘Development Bonds’; ‘SME Bonds’; ‘Special Project Bonds’; ‘Vendor Bonds’ or any other name that best describes the purpose for which the funds raised will be used.

Convertible Bonds. The advantage of issuing convertible bonds is that, if the bonds are converted into shares, the company’s debt vanishes.

Issue Equity Securities to Raise Capital

Equity capital is contributed in return for a share of ownership. It’s not repayable, demands no provision of security (other than the issued shares) and bears no interest.

SMEs can undertake an Initial ‘Private’ Offer (IPO) to raise debt free, interest free, unsecured funds to grow, even if the business is small or very early stage.

An IPO is an affordable way for a startup or early-stage company to raise equity capital. An IPO provides a simple and legal way to make private offers to issue shares to investors.

Unlike an initial public offer, an initial private offer to issue shares does not require the preparation of a costly product disclosure document (prospectus). Another benefit is the company’s ability to remain a private company.

You or your Client simply complete and submit the application, we do the rest!

Austpac Ventures will process the application and copy the Independent Consultant in on all documentation and communications to the Client to enable the consultant to learn while they earn.

Sign up to become an Independent Consultant helping SMEs raise funding through ‘Initial Private Offers’ and ‘Private Trading Exchanges’.

What is a Private Trading Exchange?

Independent Consultants will have this video personalised to include their name/business name and contact details.

Joining as an Independent Consultant opens up many new fee-based client services that you’ll be able to offer. And as your client companies grow and expand their shareholder base, there will be opportunities to transition them from private to Public (unlisted) companies.

A personalised PTX Licence order form

Once you have subscribed as an Independent Consultant we will provide you with a personalised Private Trading Exchange order form. This will enable us to identify you as the person responsible for the purchase order, ensuring you get paid your commission on each sale. Subscribers enjoy a 25% rebate, or a 25% commission. Pricing to end user is set out in the form.

Subscribers have online access to:

Investment Offer Document templates; Tools to help structure your client company’s share capital; Share application forms; Share transfer forms; Debt securities application forms, etc. You will also have online, phone & messaging access to your MENTOR to assist you at any time with your clients.

Fees you can earn while you learn

Here is a link to our schedule of fees we normally charge our clients. Subscribers receive 25% rebate on these fees while learning and collecting your own set of precedents, so eventually you will no longer require our assistance and can keep 100% of your client’s fees for service.

Accountants/Business Advisors Note: As your Client companies expand their register of members, enjoy extra fees by assisting them graduate from Pty Ltd, to public unlisted (Limited) Company status & all the associated services (and fees) that go with that.

​ Payment Gateway to Complete your Application as an Independent Consultant.

The Financial Services sector will continue to grow and provide new opportunities throughout 2022 and beyond.
Joining as an Independent Consultant is guaranteed to deliver you more clients, more general fees, plus commission on PTX sales​

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