Issue a ‘Series’ of Bonds

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Issue a ‘series’ of SME Bonds, Loan Notes, Convertible Bonds, or Realty Bonds

Customise your own Terms & Conditions


  • The first in a series of Bonds: $247.50 (Inc. GST). This fee is non-refundable.
  • Each subsequent Bond certificate: $123.75 (Inc. GST).
  • See payment gateway below.

Issue a series of bonds

  • The Issuer should complete this form and submit it to Austpac Ventures admin for processing together with the application fee of $247.50 (Inc. GST).
  • Be aware that you may be asked to provide a tax return, profit & loss statement & balance sheet for the last financial year, if available.
  • Following receipt of your application together with the processing fee of $247.50, the following will occur: 1. Austpac Ventures admin will prepare an initial DRAFT Bond certificate based on the information provided in the Application. 2. Austpac Ventures will also prepare for your approval a DRAFT investor application form. 3. Once you have approved 1 & 2 above, you can then commence promoting your investment offer to those persons you have had previous contact with, or some professional or other connection with. Note: Care should be taken not to promote your investment offer to members of the public. If unsure how to promote your offer lawfully, we suggest you seek independent legal advice. 4. Austpac Ventures maintains a register of all Bonds issued in case a Bond certificate is lost or stolen.
  • Austpac Ventures is committed to protecting the privacy of all individuals and organisations to which we provide business services. In order to ensure that we are consistent in this approach, Austpac Ventures has adopted a Privacy Policy to comply with the National Privacy Principles contained within the Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Act.


Issue the first Bond certificate in a series

$247.50 (Inc. GST)

Each subsequent certificate in the same series

$123.75 (Inc. GST)


1. We prepare the Application to Subscribe form for your Bond issue (if required);

2. We prepare Bond certificates, based on the information provided by the issuer, for each investor (as required) – each certificate contains encryption to protect against counterfieting;

3. We maintain a Bond register in case a Bond certificate is lost, stolen or destroyed.

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