Strategic Business Exits

Whether looking for an Outright Sale or a Partial Sale, there are many ways to ‘engineer’
your Strategic Business Exit.

Selling your Business? What kind of ‘deal’ could you offer a potential buyer or investor?

An Outright Sale

Are you thinking of selling your small to medium sized business? Right now there are thousands of people looking to ‘buy’ a job!

Vendor finance may be appropriate when a purchaser is having problems getting a bank to finance the purchase of your business. 

A Vendor Bond provides an easy way to set up finance & repayment terms, making your business more affordable to potential buyers.

A Partial Sale

You have a successful business, but have been battered by the Covid lockdowns.

Selling an equity stake can provide much needed operating capital as well as extra help to run the business post Covid.

Or perhaps you wish to acquire or merge with a specifically identified business, or alternatively grow through a strategic acquisition? Have you thought about using shares as a bid currency!

A Sale of Owner’s Shares

A sell-down of owner’s shares can provide a way for the business owner/s to cash out. This can be a good succession plan for older owners wanting to Sell their Business and  transition into retirement.

Potential buyers of could be management, staff, employees, clients or suppliers wishing to firm-up their relationship by buying an equity stake in the business, or even outside investors such as migrants seeking an Australian resident visa.

Have you considered a Strategic Business Exit through a sell-down of owner’s equity.

An employee share ownership plan (ESOP) benefits employees by giving workers an ownership interest in the company. ESOPs are good for business. Innovation flows across the floor rather than down from the top and employees that are shareholders are more productive.

Being “OPEN FOR SECONDARY SALES” on your Company’s own Private Trading Exchange (PTX) provides an ideal exit mechanism for owners and other shareholders,
giving them a means of cashing out.

Establishing a Share Capital Structure for your SME enables you to use your Company’s Shares as a Bid Currency for Mergers, Acquisitions or Takeovers.

We provide a range of services that bridge the gap between the highly skilled professionals (accountants, lawyers, corporate advisers, bankers, brokers etc) and the SME owner who knows how to run their business but not much about strategic business exits, or how to raise capital through the issue of shares for management buyouts, mergers or acquisitions.


Warning: When buying a business, or part of a business, consider these steps to take before making an offer.

Thinking of Exiting your Business?

Whether selling outright or looking to sell down some of the owner’s equity, talk to us about the available options.

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